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Customer Cars & Testimonials

WINNER On Pinks TV Show

Chevy Vega

Owner: Eric Andreen

CAT Forged Crankshaft

CAT Forged H-Beam Rods

CAT SFI Flywheel

CAT Fluid Damper

CAT Rockers

CAT Flexplate

CAT Stud Girdle




2006 Engine Masters Challenge

Small block chevrolet.

Builder: Traco Engineering

CAT Forged Crankshaft

CAT SFI Flywheel

Owner & Driver: Darren Painter


CAT Forged H-Beam Rods

CAT S.F.I. Racing Damper

CAT Rocker Arm Studs and Stud Girdles


Owner & Driver: Wayne Stewart

Dickison, TX Police Department 2005

CAT Aluminum Rocker Arm: RKE-350A1.5

CAT S.F.I. Steel Structure Racing Damper: HBS-305

CAT Rocker Arm Studs: RAS-3750

CAT Chromemoly Steel Guide Plates: GP-350RB

Owner & Driver: David Murray Jr.

Boone, IA

Start: 63 races

Wins: 41 races

Top 5 finishes: 6 races



Owner&Driver: Paul Silva

1993 Cougar - 360 CI, 9.30 @ 146 mph
Victor Jr Heads, ATI F1-R / Intercooler
3 Speed Lentech AOD
100% Street Car 3350 lbs!

Scarborough, ON Canada 2004


Driver & Owner: Arlyn Stagier

Arlyn Stagier of Access Performance in Aurburn, WA

CAT 4340 Cranksahaft and 4340 H-beam Rods

Dec. 2004


Engine Builders: D & G Motors of St. Louis Park, MN
Web Site: www.dgmotors.biz
CAT Products: Rocker Arms, Crankshaft, connecting rods
1990 Mustang produces 1000 Horsepower
Nov. 2004

Owner & Driver: Mike Cook







Owner & Dirver : Don Ferguson

Top speed: 284.876mph


My car is the orange 64 Rambler American 100% Street Legal originally built as a 10.5 car. It weighs 3100 W/ me in it. It's got a CAT Crank, Rods, Stud Girdle, and Flexplate The engine is a 100over 454 Pro Topline Pro Thunder 320 Heads-out of the box w/no work done, 13to1 Ross Pistons, Gary Williams 1180 Dominator. Mickey Thompson 31x16.50x15 ET Streets and 4" Flowmasters

I run in King Street at Bandimere and Douglas-WY I finished in the top ten in points at both tracks.

Best Pass at Bandimere 10.52 @ 127 on the motor
Best Pass at Douglas 10.43 on the motor
I've got 106 passes on the motor in 2004 and I'm not even going to pull the pan this winter. No NOS Passes yet
The Camaro belongs to my brother-in-law Bill Bernard. This car is run in Quick-16.
Best pass @ Bandimere 7.74 @ 174mph

I just wanted to say thanks Jamie for all of your good service and quality parts! My business grows every year and I look forward to doing more business with you.
I am rebuilding my 427 for my street car and I am going to "Copy" Comps EndureX lifters to see how long I can make a solid roller last on the street! The pool is up to about $500-want in?

Eric Andreen
Andreen Racing Engines Oct. 2004

Owner&Driver: Wayne Domagala
Brandon, SD

CAT Parts: RKM-302A

Engine Builder: Bruce Fulper

Engine Builder: Bruce Fulper of Rock and Roll Engineering of Riverside, CA
10.30 at 130 MPH with 150 shot of Nitrous and 11.30 at 120 MPH w/ no nitrous shot

See this engine in Car Craft

CAT Parts: H-beam rods, Steel SFI Damper

Trace Walls---Toledo, OH 2004

CAT Parts: CK-1302A-GM—4340 Crankshaft, CRS-5400G---H-Beam Rods, Aluminum Rocker Arms, Stud Girdle, Fluid Style Damper, Main Girdle,
Guide Plates

thanks Don,

I knew I could count on you buddy!! I've got ONE really good picture its a
little small but nice. Here's a link to the video of the run also. Just so
you know I'm running a 408Windsor w/CAT Fluid Balancer & Main girdle. the
car runs mid 10's on the motor @ 130mph. It's tagged and insured for street
driving and its a 5speed. Feel free to use any and all pictures and videos.

thanks again and best regards,

-Gregg Herbert
Kenner, LA

CAT Fluid Balancer & Main girdle

http://home.att.net/~gmherbert/1.wmv, http://home.att.net/~gmherbert/2.wmv
http://home.att.net/~gmherbert/3.wmv, http://home.att.net/~gmherbert/4.wmv

Owner: Butch Patterson / Driver: Nick Rinehart

Cubic Inches: 565"

HorsePower: 900 HP with another 250 HP with nitrous

CAT Parts: CK-1416A (4340 Crank, GM 454, 4.250") & CRS-6385 (4340 H-Beam Rods, 6.385" Long)


Owner: Leanord Cousino

CAT H-Beam Rods and 4340 Crankshaft



Owner: John McGowan

CAT Aluminum Rocker Arms


Owner: Jim Spencer

CAT H-Beam Rods and 4340 Crankshafts


Owner: Jerry Davis

Dear Sirs:

I would like to thank you for your connecting Rod and Rocker Shafts. They were very instrumental in setting the NHRA national ET Record in F/SA.

Thanks again

Jerry Davis

CAT H-Beam Connecting Rod and Rocker Shafts


Owner: Ward Frances

Dear Sir:

Thanks for the support !


Ward Frances

CAT Stud Girdle, Rocker Arms, Connecting Rods, Rocker Arm studs and SFI Damper

Hey Don:

Thanks for the bolts that you sent us. Here are the photos of the toyota that you asked for. It is a 1986 toyota with a chevy 468 big block / and chevy runnin gears. We are pushin abouut 700 horse power. We run it with 36 inch tires, 40 inch tires, and 44 inch tires, and in the tractor tire class. hope you like it!!!

thanks again
Danny Whitcomb


Christopher Silvey-Junior editor- Drag news magazine

228" wheelbase gebhardts Pro Cars Dragster with 355 cubic inch small block Chevrolet featuring C.A.T. High Performance 350 Maingirdle (P/N: MG-350).

CAT High Performance 350 Maingirdle, Aluminum Rocker Arms and Studs Girdle

Driver: Jason Shaw

Shaw Motorsports---2004

2003 Allstar Super Series Champion

CAT H-Beam Rods, Stainless Steel Rocker Arms, Stud Girdle, Guide Plates and Adjusters.

Send Us Your Photos! CAT4829@AOL.COM

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